What Color is Your Polish? – Green

Green is the color of balance, growth, self-reliance, prosperity, and wealth. You either immediately embraced the possibility of various shades and hues of green on your toes and perfectly manicured nails…OR…you thought, “there is no way I’m painting my nails green!” Either way, consider today you may be feeling a sense of strength, restoration, and an overwhelming urge for emotional balanced and stillness. Green polish options are wide and eclectic these days (go fancy or go home); choose shades of green that signal your love…love of nature, family, friends, pets, your home, etc. Although the perfect combination of yellow and blue (mental clarity, optimism, hope, generosity), green can also convey judgmental and overly cautious tones (defiantly step outside your comfort zone and choose hues of green and a style you would normally reject).

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