The Author. The JourneyAre You Polished?


Meet the AuthorPatrice L. Harris

Patrice L. Harris was born and raised in sunny, beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, she became fascinated with making people laugh. Now an author, speaker and preacher, Patrice uses humor,  wisdom, and stories of her own loss, disappointment and struggles to help others walk in encouragement, healing and confidence. Although she set out to write Are You Polished as a short, tongue-in-cheek letter of encouragement to women, this journey turned into so much more!

As a recovering workaholic, Patrice enjoys spending time with her husband Michael, family, and friends. She is a Bonus Mom to one son, a fur mommy to Handsome Samson, and the “Crazy Cool Aunt” to a few nieces and a ton of nephews. Patrice’s passion has always been to enjoy life, serve others, and excel in whatever she puts her heart and hands to. Her greatest hope is to one day hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant. Well done!”


Where did the concept for Are You Polished come from?

It’s in the book, Are You Polished?

What is your favorite pampering strategy?

Also in the book, Are You Polished?

Where did you meet your husband?

We used to work for the same company. He was so loud and annoying I would run away from him. Then one year he was different; he was humble, confident and yet had a calming spirit. We danced for two whole hours straight, then talked for two more hours…we haven’t been apart since then!

How long did it take for you to find your rhythm?

Almost two years. I constantly make adjustments, but the core (the baseline) is pretty consistent.

Which category is the most difficult for you?

The Physical category for sure! I’m still working on it. I almost didn’t complete this project because I hadn’t “unpacked” enough weight!

The Question:
Are you polished?


Perfectly Polished Enterprise, LLC is grounded in the humorous, hypothetical hypothesis, “A woman’s sanity is directly linked to her pedicure.” We propose a “polished” woman reflects both her ability to juggle all her responsibilities as well as her commitment to self-care. Simply asking, “Are you polished” allows you and your girlfriends to check in with one another and can be answered with:

  • I’m Polished!
  • I’m Layered!
  • I’m Chipped!
  • I’m Wrecked!
  • I’m High Polished!

Before you respond, look down . . . is your pedicure perfectly polished? Or are your toes revealing a secret? You really do have one last nerve, and your boss, significant other, children, and parents have found it.


Every woman has a story. Listen with your whole heart. —I said that!

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